Universidad de Zaragoza CSIC
PLATON is a multidisciplinar group recognized by the Aragón government (E31_17R). Its members belong to CSIC, the University of Zaragoza, the San Jorge University and the Defence University Center, several pertaining to research institutes (ICMA and INA).
PLATON’s expertise is in the bottom-up fabrication and characterization of ultrathin films (Langmuir-Blodgett films, self-assembly, electrochemical processes, etc.), the synthesis and physics of nanoscale magnetic materials and the physico-chemistry and thermodynamics of liquid systems. The group currently has active projects along the following lines:

1) Molecular electronics
2) Bio-membranes simulation
3) Magnetic hyperthermia
4) Membranes and ultrathin layers of MOFs and COFs
5) Green solvents