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Nanotechnology and Apoptosis
The main objective of the group is the design at the molecular level of both nanoparticles and biofunctional surfaces to intervene in such diverse processes as cell adhesion, virus infection, tumor processes, inflammation, etc.

The research activity of the group focuses on:

1. The design of new diagnosis tools based on nanotechnology in order to be more sensitive and effective and, therefore, being able to provide earlier detection of the disease;
2. The design of new therapies, also based on nanotechnology, for the development of new techniques for controlled drug delivery in order to obtain more effective drugs. The NAP group is a multidisciplinary group composed of 26 members with extensive training in physics, biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology and other relevant areas.

The multidisciplinary nature of the group facilitates research and development in many areas, including biosensors, gene therapy, magnetism, among others.