Universidad de Zaragoza CSIC
Olivier Roubeau
Category Científico Titular
Department: ICMA - Departamento 4: Materiales multifuncionales y biomateriales
Phone / Ext.: +34 976 76 24 61
Email: roubeau@unizar.es
Group responsible: Platon, Chips moleculares (MOLCHIP)
Participant group: Platon

Olivier Roubeau graduated in Inorganic Chemistry at Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Paris VI Universities (1998), working with Prof. G. Férey at Institut Lavoisier Versailles, and then obtained Cum Laude his Ph.D. from Leiden University (2002) with Prof. J. Reedijk. He was then assistant professor in Physical Chemistry at University of Bordeaux and CNRS-CRPP until 2008. Since then, he holds the present tenured researcher position (Cientifico Titular) of the Spanish CSIC at ICMA in Zaragoza, where he focuses on synthesis and physical studies of functional molecular and framework magnetic coordination compounds, and their organization onto surfaces. These include spin-crossover materials, single-molecule magnets, molecular cryogenic coolers and spin-based prototypes of quantum computing hardware, i.e. qubits and qugates.